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The Kansas City Royals: Who Are These Guys?

Expectations have finally met reality in Kansas City. For the first time in a long time, the Royals are included in the postseason festivities. It’s an exclusive party that Royals fans have been forced to watch from a distance – never good enough to join that elite company. In this era of power, the Royals have found success in playing like it’s 1985. They win with pitching, defense, and speed.

Royals Guide to the Postseason

On a late Friday evening, the chant of “Let’s Go Royals; clap, clap, clapclapclap,” reverberated across the Kansas City skyline. The echoes were heard across the world from Royals fans that finally gained the privilege of basking in playoff glory. Fans in Dallas, Charleston, Lincoln, those serving in the armed forces, and even one inexplicable fan in South Korea joined the chant.

Omaha Storm Chasers:: Season Review

The Omaha Storm Chasers started the 2014 season as the reigning AAA champions. Not content with such a singular effort, they spent the 2014 season proving that the 2013 season was no fluke. Behind strong pitching and a good mix of speed, power, and hitting ability, the Storm Chasers brought both their thunder and their lightning as they unleashed their destruction upon the rest of the AAA teams.

Is the .300 Hitter a Vanishing Breed?

Exactly how much has offense dropped across Major League Baseball in recent years?

Top 5 Young Hurlers

Over the past half decade, pitchers such as Clayton Kershaw, Felix Hernandez and Chris Sale have been the standard for successful pitching in Major League Baseball. There are a number of young rising stars who are on their way to becoming the next in line of dominant starting pitchers.

A Royal Pep Talk

Ned Yost has done a decent job of keeping his Royals playing on an even keel and not allowing any mounting playoff expectations distract them from the day-to-day grind of being major league baseball players. However, there comes a time when players need to step up. They need to be told that playing playoff baseball is vastly different than playing June baseball. What they need is a pep talk.

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KC Fans are Primed for the Playoffs

1985. The last time the Kansas City Royals were in the playoffs. Since then, playoffs hopes and a fanbase have slowly dwindled to the point of obscurity. The Chiefs improved, and football became king. KC's love for baseball was reduced to a few glowing embers. In 2013, those embers flared, and now, in 2014, a fire has started. A fire of hope and fervent fanaticism. An inferno of hope is born.

AL Playoff Predictions

The Major League Baseball season is nearing the final quarter of the season and there is still a lot to be settled in an intense American League playoff race. Who will be playing in October and who will be sitting at home watching their foes on television? Find out below.

Moore Content with Roster at Trade Deadline

The Major League Baseball world just witnessed one of the wildest trade deadlines in recent memory. Big names such as David Price, Yoenis Cespedes and Jon Lester all found new homes in the middle of a tight American League postseason race. The Royals are in thick of the playoff race and chose to do nothing.

Royals Need to Add Power Bat

With the trade deadline on the horizon, the Royals need to acquire a power bat in order to add consistency to their struggling offense. Right in the thick of the American League Wild Card race, the Royals are closely eyeing a few outfield names that have been swirling around in the trade market.

Boys in Blue Look to Surge in Second Half

The first half of the 2014 Kansas City Royals season has been filled with more ups and downs than a roller coaster ride. The Boys In Blue look to party like it's 1985 over the next few months as they prepare themselves for a playoff push.